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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Allucent - Solving the Unique Challenges of Small and Mid-sized Biotechs

In today’s global economic environment, small and mid-sized biotech companies need to be particularly intentional about their decision-making process from the outset to help propel their science and their companies toward success. The inherent value in these companies is found in the potential of their pipelines, which may consist of just one platform or one or two compounds, making it imperative to make the right decisions to get their drug development programs off the ground on strong footing and keep those programs moving forward efficiently and effectively. Such organizations have a range of needs, and many may not have large teams or access to specialized resources to assist in navigating the complexities of drug development. At this juncture, breakthrough innovation requires a partner whose focus and expertise are specifically curated to meet the drug development needs of small and mid-sized biotech companies. Bridging this gap for businesses in the biotech space is Allucent—a company that has been purpose-built with world-class consultative, operational, technical, clinical pharmacology, regulatory and biometrics expertise – to solve for the unique needs of small and mid-sized biotechnology companies. “Our experience, coupled with our team’s passion in being close to ground-breaking science, enables Allucent to efficiently navigate the clinical research and regulatory approval process.  In short, we’re small enough to care deeply about the success of partners, and big enough to deliver effective solutions across their diverse set of needs,” extols Mark A. Goldberg, MD, Chairman and CEO, Allucent.

What makes Allucent a pioneer is its leadership team with extensive knowledge and experience across the biopharmaceutical and drug development spectrum.  What’s more, because of Allucent’s size, every client is partnered with the ‘A-Team’, and deep experience in clinical research and regulatory approvals. Everything about the company’s DNA is tooled for this segment of the market, setting the company unique with the ability to deliver. “We offer strengths and capabilities – drawing on 30 years of experience – that match those of larger CROs, but with a laser-focus on the needs of smaller companies and a singular purpose to help them bring their game-changing therapies to light to improve the lives of patients around the world,” adds Goldberg.

Comprising an experienced team of biostatistics, statistical programming, and data management professionals, Allucent delivers in dividualized, and dedicated services to support a wide range of data and analytical needs. This includes state-of-the-art solutions for data collection, statistical consulting and development strategies, analysis planning, and programming of submission-ready outputs and datasets. Moreover, with more than 1,000 years of combined experience in drug development, Allucent enable sits clients to make better strategic decisions and informed clinical trial designs that increase efficiencies, predict trial outcomes, and improve their clinical and non-clinical studies.

From study start-up to trial execution, the Allucent ‘A-team’ experts are luminaries in their fields who are uniquely adept at foreseeing and overcoming the challenges that routinely appear in complex therapeutic areas, indications, and modalities. Whether it is a regulatory quandary that needs to be solved or operational and scientific hurdles to be cleared, Allucent’s team have the confidence, precision, and proven expertise to tackle the most complex challenges across all phases of development. The company’s experts follow each project through its entire lifecycle, which is particularly critical for shepherding novel treatments through a process where no direct comparison or established pathway exists. “Our approach is not just to confront complex challenges – but to embrace them – and take on every project with the same dedication as if it was our very own, because we know that is what leads to success,” points Goldberg.

At Allucent, the company’s singular purpose is to support the ability of smaller companies to deliver next-generation therapeutic innovations.  To that end, the services and solutions the company offer across a range of therapeutic areas have been specifically curated to meet the modern clinical trial needs of our partners.  Over its 30 year history, Allucent has successfully conducted more than 500 clinical trials ranging from Phase I to IV in numerous indications and patient populations. Together, these studies enrolled over 60,000 patients worldwide at over 5,500 sites. 

In the past three years alone, Allucent has doubled in size, strengthened and deepened its capabilities, and expanded its global reach to over 60 countries.  Today, the company works with a global workforce of 1,300+ employees possessing deep clinical and technical experience with a passion for remaining close to breakthrough science. “This has been a transformative growth era for Allucent. Today, we are a world-class player in the global CRO space and are committed to staying ahead of the curve in providing cutting-edge solutions and unsurpassed expertise.  As we move ahead, Allucent will continue to make forward-looking decisions to deliver on our mission to be the strategically right-sized global CRO while continuing to focus on  ensuring that everything we do at Allucent is patient-first,” concludes Goldberg.


Mark A. Goldberg, MD, Chairman & CEO


"We offer strengths and capabilities – drawing on 30 years of experience – that match those of larger CROs, but with a laser-focus on the needs of smaller companies and a singular purpose to help them bring their game-changing therapies to light to improve the lives of patients around the world."

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