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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

AscellaHealth: Custom-Built PBM Solutions for Specialty Pharma

The prices of most of the drugs today are already set high right from the launchand are often subjected to steep increases year-over-year. This occurs mainly due to the financial pressures that force pharmaceutical manufacturers to reclaim costs and drive profits immediately, leading to exorbitant price charges. In response to this, pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies have emerged to thelimelight to efficiently manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurers, employers, and other large players.

By negotiating with drug manufacturers and pharmacies and collaborating with clients, patients, and payers, PBMs now play a crucial role incontrolling drug spending, delivering transparency, and saving costs. “Intermediaries such as AscellaHealth help stakeholders navigate the complex world of high cost specialty drug pricing by creating effective solutions to curb costs and improve accessibility,” says Dea Belazi, President and CEO of AscellaHealth, aPennsylvania-based specialty PBM.Serving as a full-service PBM, the company offers innovative technology-driven solutions andhigh-quality prescription drug management services along with customized, carved-out specialty pharmacy services and cost-savings programs to commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid clients.

“Our high-quality prescription drug management services are custom-built to fit each unique client needs and features seamless integration designed to support your every goal and strategic initiative,” states Belazi.

AscellaHealth’s unique and proprietary service hones the capability to give maximum discounts on prescription plans to customers better than any other PBM in the industry. Leveraging its innovative programs,the clients can improve patient adherence and health outcomes. Simultaneously, its specialty pharmacy and infusion services provide cost-saving rebates on medication with timely access to products, data-driven reporting, and patient support programs.This customizable cost model is ideal for supporting both limited and exclusive specialty pharmacy programs, primarilyto address the needs of small, orphan, or ultra-orphan patient populations.

Founded by a team of highly experienced industry leaders, AscellaHealth’s premium PBM solutions foster proven methods in flexible and tailored formatsto deliver substantial savings to sponsors and consumers while ensuring much-needed care. The company follows a customer-centric approach to understand clients’ and patients’ needs before entering into a contract, thereby providingthem with a full suite of sophisticated PBM services that drive cost savings without sacrificing access or quality of care. Furthermore, AscellaHealth also offers pharmacy network prescription value and data analytics to provide accurate patient care insights, costs-versus-outcomes, and waste and abuse analysis. “We are driven by the goal to ensure that optimal cost efficiency and quality care is delivered at our client’s doorstep,” adds Belazi.

AscellaHealth’s specialty pharmacy and infusion network specializes in data, analytics, and cost modeling, providing real-time front-end prescription triage to help patients receive the right care at the right time. This ensures access to more than 300 specialty drugs, including infusible, oral, and self-injectable medications, as well as related patient management and support services. “Our technology can manage and streamline the Rx prescription process among the physicians, patients, specialty pharmacies, and health insurance plans—which means a more coordinated care and cost saving,” continues Belazi. AscellaHealth is on an ambitious mission to offer an innovative delivery model that provides customized and unique specialty pharmacy solutions for clients. By leveraging aggressive contracting, adequate evidence-based prior authorizations and clinical pathways, site of care optimization, and more, the company can deliver expanded clinical services for managing high-cost specialty drugs and provide added value to patient care.

With AscellaHealth, the clients can enjoy the benefits of an inclusive pharmacy network for specialty Rx prescriptions alongside absolute prescription control through trusted specialty pharmacy networks on a centralized platform. Added to this, the company goes the extra mile by featuring a complete hemophilia management program to provide care for this bleeding community. Based on an all-encompassing data analytics interface technology, the program captures, integrates, and deliversan unlimited amount of prescription data and healthcare outcome analytics in real-time. Ultimately, this boils down to accurate insights into patient care, provider Rx value, Rx trends, specialty pharmacy performance, dose optimization, treatment paths, and other clinical intervention reports.

With over a decade of industry expertise in the PBM landscape, AscellaHealth’s cutting-edge technology and robust solutions have catered to the needs of numerous clients, helping them address their most pressing challenges. Moving forward, the company aims to invest heavily in innovative technology and state-of-the-art tools to enhance care delivery further, thereby bringing in additional cost savings for its clients and patients alike. Down the pipeline, AscellaHealth also plans to acquire fresh talent into the organization and expand its demographic footprint to serve a broader audience in the sector.

“We are driven by the goal to ensure that optimal cost efficiency and quality care is delivered at our client’s doorsteps



Dea Belazi
President and CEO


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