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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ClearArch - Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions

Today, as the healthcare space is evolving with powerful solutions, analytics play a clear role in delivering outstanding patient care and helps in efficient decision making. Though there are several such solution providers, there is one company that’s creating a difference, ClearArch. Clear Arch Health provides easy to adopt, turn-key remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions to connect healthcare providers, payers and home care agencies to their patients, members and clients. Clear Arch Health is a partner that simplifies the program delivery to enable our clients to focus on doing what they do best – delivering care. “Our robust RPM platform and expanded program options enhance the delivery of care, creating an overall better experience for providers and their patients.”

Clear Arch Health’s connected care solutions always prioritizes treatment plans from the perspective of the users. For example, while monitoring a patient with a history of congestive heart failure, the tools detect fluid retention symptoms through the series of user’s weight data recorded over a period. In such an event, the solution prioritizes having a medication change for the patient without needing to visit the hospital.

ClearArch’s Remote Patient Monitoring programs feature  multi-pronged benefits for patients as well as healthcare providers and payers. Patients with chronic health problems are now reaping the advantage of hospital-level care at home. At the same time care providers are appreciating the recent mandate by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that qualify RPM for reimbursement under CPT codes 99457 and 99458. These aspects are increasingly making way for the company’s RPM programs to innovate quicker, so much so that care providers can now even look at fully customizing the delivery of their care.

To this end, when a new care provider approaches Clear Arch Health, ClearArch holds an extensive planning session to understand their requirements, including target population, type of illness, and more. Clear Arch Health then sets up specific clinical pathways depending on the type of illness and offers connected health kits required to monitor those conditions.

At the same time, the organization also manages all product logistics for clients, and ships the RPM kits directly to the patients. A patient can enroll in the RPM program through either EHR or an enrollment form. Clear Arch Health is also equipped with the resources to handle bulk enrollment and onboard a hundred patients at a time. Upon onboarding, deliver the products at the patient’s doorsteps. A quick-start guide and welcome material comes in handy and walks the patient through their first experience while using the connected health kit without requiring outside help.

However, ClearArch’s technical support team is swift to follow up the signup process through an outbound welcome call and know if there was any setup issue. Even during the RPM program, if at any point a patient finds the usage of the equipment troublesome, the team provide all the necessary support to resolve the problem. Upon completing the program as well, patients can return the devices and disenroll from the program without much hassle.

“Primarily, we provide the tools and the pathway that monitor vital signs of illnesses, such as congestive heart failure, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), diabetes, and hypertension, to allow health providers and payers the opportunity to offer expanded care & cost savings across their service suite,” mentions Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President of Clear Arch Health.

Clear Arch Health RPM solutions offer unique benefits. The solution comes with options and features to keep patients informed and engaged. RPM clinicians told the team that the best RPM program will break down on the front line without patient engagement. “Drawing on our experience with senior populations, we designed products patients will accept and use. Our products support user preferences from traditional – for the technically shy – to more robust tablet-based systems offering easy to use features for those who are more comfortable with touch screen interfaces.”

Clear Arch Health offers a unique program to allow patients to continue monitoring their health by moving from clinical oversight to a private pay customer. Combined with private branding, healthcare professionals and organizations can stay top of mind with patients, if the need arrives for services in the future. Clear Arch Health will provide the appropriate level of training the team requires to ensure successful implementation of products and services to patients. The company can conduct training on-site or remotely (i.e. via webinars). The team are also always available on-going to consult and answer questions and work through any issues. ClearArch’s team is here to support businesses effort in making care team work more efficiently and provide for better outcomes for patients.

Clear Arch Health is dedicated to providing healthcare organizations with the solutions needed to improve outcomes and the delivery of quality care. Due largely in part to COVID-19, there is an increased need for telehealth services and access to remote health data to support patients of chronic respiratory conditions, such as COPD, asthma, and pneumonia. Clear Arch Health has expanded its peripheral ecosystem to further support respiratory programs and high-risk patient populations. In addition, Clear Arch Health Offers Health Plan Members a Personal Response System That Focuses on Health

Clear Arch Touch is an interactive, tablet-based health monitoring platform that integrates the safety benefits of traditional Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) with advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) telehealth technology for added peace of mind. With an easy to use touchscreen interface and engaging features, it is the perfect choice for a health plan Medicare Advantage benefit program .In addition to PERS services, Clear Arch Health helps to connect members to needed personal health and social services, ensuring proper care when it may have otherwise been unavailable.

The company’s LifeStream Clinical Monitoring Software provides robust data needed by care providers to make decisions about patient health. Data sets can include vitals, a variety of responses to pain scale questions, PHQ2 or PHQ9 questionnaire and answers to custom questions. This data, coupled with information from video interactions, enable the clinician to make better decisions.

Since opening its doors, ClearArch has been a pioneer in delivering cutting edge solutions to the healthcare space. Today, under the leadership of John Bojanowski, the company is creating a huge impact in the healthcare space. For more than 20 years, John Bojanowski has held executive positions in healthcare organizations including Medtronic and Honeywell LifeCare Systems. He has a passion for mentoring and developing early-stage companies and has led numerous acquisitions and successful exits for medical technology companies.  John is a consummate C-level leader adept at balancing the strategic and execution elements of growing a business. He brings depth and breadth from multiple healthcare sectors — orthopedic, surgery, telehealth, audiology — and feels equally at home in a start-up or corporate-matrix environment. John is a high-energy leader who motivates his team with authenticity, clear communication, and recognition.


John Bojanowski, CEO


“ClearArch’s Remote Patient Monitoring programs feature multi-pronged benefits for patients as well as healthcare providers and payers”


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