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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Innova Solutions - Accelerating Healthcare Transformation

Over the last decade, the healthcare sector has been witnessing a tech-driven evolution in various facets, redefining the way clinicians deliver care. However, most healthcare institutions still operate using age-old, legacy, and deeply rooted processes due to the fear of increasing tech-driven complexities and the resulting impact on their overall patient care environment. Considering this, the current healthcare sector is brimming with intuitive remote patient monitoring solutions that allow clinicians to remotely communicate with their patients and ensure the continuity of care. Meanwhile, the rising demand for value-based care worldwide drives the healthcare sector to hasten its digital transformation efforts and facilitate round-the-clock care and consultation via virtual and remote care delivery avenues. Bridging this gap between healthcare facilities and the tech world is Innova Solutions—a global information technology company that offers a broad array of services from cloud transformation to data services to managed IT operations in the data center and across complex interconnected environments.

When it comes to the company’s solutions for the healthcare arena, the most innovative offering is CareExpand Telemedicine Platform. It is a total virtual care solution built on a foundation of dynamic technology that includes innovative and automated intelligence. Classified as an elite platform for healthcare services, CareExpand solves the needs of large hospitals and care delivery organizations that look to extend patient service options via Tele-Medicine and Remote Patient Care. “We have taken the time to design the CareExpand solution, not only to answer the needs of virtual care, but to be professionally tailored fit to healthcare providers. While we can adapt and customize our solution to each environment, our key benefits and value always remain. Moreover, CareExpand enhances personal connection and continuity of care via a 2-way proactive relationship with patients using common channels such as phone, chat, email, or voice/video calls,” extols Rajkumar Velagapudi, President, Innova Solutions.

Innova Solution’s CareExpand telemedicine platform works with the client’s existing front and back-office solutions to optimize patient communication channels. It is web-based, easy, and lightweight. At the heart of the platform are its three components, the pre-encounter, encounter, and post-encounter capabilities. These components allow healthcare providers to communicate and engage with their patients and build campaigns that enhance usability and continuity of care. Alternatively, the platform also offers clinical pathways, care coordination, and program management tools to assist clinicians in effectively and efficiently handling the care and post-care aspects of their patient recovery. What sets CareExpand apart from its contemporaries is its ability to exchange messages among different care providers. “From a patient standpoint, CareExpand is one of the best communication platforms for patient-doctor engagements as it allows clinicians to switch from audio to a tele confrontation in a seamless way, and collaborate with with other care providers/experts during the same live sessions saving time and significantly improving patient satisfaction. Above all, CareExpand is not a vertical solution but a horizontal one that is built to unlock newer ways to deliver value-based care,” explains Velagapudi.

Innova Solution’s healthcare services enable customers to re-imagine their transformational journey, achieve greater levels of automation and efficiency, convert data into actionable insights, and innovate new products & services. The company’s integrated approach aims for the best possible outcomes for all healthcare entities by combining and aligning the wisdom, empathy, and insight of human agency with deep digital capabilities.

Innova Solution’s team believes that the continuum of care is paramount. As telemedicine offers an efficient way for care providers to do this, CareExpand and its ability to provide proactive care and predictive analysis are poised to support this transition. Innova has integrated their analytics platform with CareExpand  to extract additional insights for patients as well as care providers and payers. Additionally, there is also a plan in motion to integrate CareExpand with Chatbots to simplify information access for users and automate cumbersome scheduling processes. The platform is also adding Innova Solution’s payment gateway to its capabilities, streamlining telemedicine’s financial aspects and providing Innova’s customers a true one-stop-shop.

Since its inception in 2014, Innova’s core focus has been on leveraging technology to solve the prevalent challenges in healthcare. Based on this goal, the company developed solutions and services that support clients in their digital transformation journey. Considering this, the company has also developed a portfolio that ranges from consultation services for well-informed decision-making to technology-driven solutions that drive the transition from legacy systems to next-gen digital platforms. “Over the years, we’ve made significant investments in geographical expansion and research & development (R&D), enabling us to build a strong footprint across the globe and develop revolutionary capabilities” concludes Velagapudi.

“CareExpand is one of the best communication platforms for patient-doctor engagements as it allows clinicians to switch from audio to a tele confrontation in a seamless way, saving time and significantly improving patient satisfaction.”

Innova Solutions

Rajkumar Velagapudi


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