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Friday, April 19, 2024

NovoPath - Redefining Laboratory Information Systems

Faced with labor storages and archaic software systems all the while trying to stay competitive in a consolidated market are some of the biggest challenges pathology laboratories face today. Meanwhile, reimbursement rates continue to decrease, making it even more critical for labs to focus on operational efficiency.

This is one of the core reasons why laboratories turn to partners such as NovoPath—a company on a mission to redefine the way labs operate with leading-edge LIS and interoperability solutions. NovoPath enables laboratories to be more efficient by embracing the latest in workflow automation, digital pathology, cloud, and self-servicing technologies.

 “Pathology labs need partners who they can trust to provide solutions that will work for them – and not just be another vendor. They need partners who can provide insight into where technology is going and the best way to approach it for their particular lab. That is what we do here at NovoPath,” explains Dayna Carlin, Director of Marketing, NovoPath.

In a nutshell, NovoPath is leading the LIS space within anatomic pathology. They’re not doing it just based on the 30+ years of providing LIS solutions but based on the innovation that NovoPath continuously delivers to its clientele. For example, the NovoPath 360 LIS platform provides labs with an effortless way to add ancillary molecular tests to their workflows from a single case in turn, automatically producing a single report.

Since opening its doors, NovoPath has been helping labs navigate through everyday challenges that plague pathology labs. NovoPath knows behind each case is a person waiting for an answer which means every minute counts.

Today, NovoPath clients are increasing the number of cases they diagnose by as much as 30% per year. Scaling is one of the capabilities the NovoPath 360 LIS platform is known for. Built as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, NovoPath clients can easily add new tests, people, or bi-directional integrations whenever needed. All while not having to worry about the LIS infrastructure, security, maintenance, or even updates. NovoPath handles it all – allowing labs to focus on what matters the most – patient care.

Today, NovoPath is focused on continuing to push the limits of what a LIS can do. That means pushing the limits on what is possible with automation, how can techs perform work faster? with How can pathologists gain better insights faster? How can we ensure quality control? How can we connect labs to patients better? How can we provide better patient care?

“As a company, our theme here at NovoPath has always been to innovate continuously and keep up with the technological advances that come within the market. We always work to be forward thinking and be right in lockstep with the technology changes that are ever flowing within a laboratory environment,” explains Ron Patel, Director of Implementation, NovoPath.


Dayna Carlin, Director of Marketing
Ron Patel, Director of Implementation


“The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations being developed to improve patient care and streamline workflows”


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