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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Pivotal Analytics - Transforming Healthcare Investment Decisions Through Business Intelligence

Pivotal Analytics is improving the way healthcare investment decisions are made, leveraging its industry-leading business intelligence platform and proprietary analytics. By delivering actionable, data-driven insights, Pivotal empowers healthcare stakeholders to make smarter, faster healthcare investment decisions at scale to maximize value and close gaps in patient care.

Pivotal Analytics is a pioneer in creating the nation’s richest patient-to-provider dataset, combining it with proprietary algorithms, analyses, and deep expertise in healthcare and real estate strategy to generate unique insights and predictive models. The result is the most accurate, real-world representation of healthcare supply and demand, enabling a wide range of healthcare stakeholders – including healthcare organizations; healthcare real estate investors, developers, brokers, and managers; healthcare consultants and advisors; payers; and more – to identify new market and resource optimization opportunities with precision and speed.

“Our health systems are in trouble, bogged down by inefficiencies and built to respond to ‘sickcare’ needs,” said Fady Barmada, President and Co-Founder. “Evolving to a human-centric healthcare system requires dynamic alignment of the means of delivery (providers, places, and processes) with the people (healthcare consumers) who need it. That’s what Pivotalwas built to do, providing answers tothe questions of ‘who and what goes where’ to meet the healthcare requirements of today and tomorrow.” 

When assessing a new market for a potential healthcare investment, such as building out an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) network, decisions can’t be made based on gut instincts or a simple look at current utilization. Instead, leading healthcare investing, planning, strategy, real estate, operations, and innovation teams turn to Pivotal Analytics for more holistic, data-driven strategic, operational, and financial assessments. By delivering analytics-based insights that help stakeholders identify, visualize, and capitalize on opportunities, Pivotal assessments transform how healthcare investment decisions, such as new or existing real estate, are made.

One of the keys to Pivotal’s success is making meaningful, relevant connections among large data stores and multiple sources of data to yield actionable insights—something many decision support platforms struggle to do. After all, data in and of itself isn’t very valuable.

“Pivotal is unique in using location analytics to connect previously unconnectable data, telling a much better story of who needs care, how they will choose to access those services, where, and from whom,” explains Carl Davis, CEO and Co-Founder.

The value of Pivotal’s unique approach came to light on a recent project for a national real estate investment trust (REIT) with a deep focus on healthcare, which had an opportunity to participate in a new master development. At the same time, a major teaching hospital system in the region was looking to expand its off-campus facilities and services in this market.

The REIT’s development division regularly uses the Pivotal platform to glean data-driven insights to assess healthcare real estate investment opportunities and attract providers to new build sites. For this project, it turned to Pivotal to identify gaps in care demand vs provider supply, based on socioeconomic trends and behavioral profiles as well as more nuanced metrics. Equipped with these insights, the REIT invested in the site with the confidence it would attract leading healthcare tenants, and the hospital system proceeded with a new facility at this site with the confidence it would meet community healthcare needs and achieve strong revenue gains.

Davis continues, “Since its inception, Pivotal has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions that facilitate better healthcare investment decisions, driven by a belief that everyone should have access to high-quality, low-cost care, where and when they need it most. The idea of the right care, at the right time, at the right cost, with the highest quality, guides everything the Pivotal team undertakes.”

As the Pivotal platform is adopted by more and more healthcare stakeholders, it will set the foundation for a massive transformation in healthcare, significantly reducing the total cost of care by eliminating redundancies, waste, and sub-optimal investment decisions.

Pivotal Analytics

Carl Davis, CEO and Co-Founder
Fady Barmada, President and Co-Founder


“Pivotal is unique in using location analytics to connect previously unconnectable data, telling a much better story of who needs care, how they will choose to access those services, where, and from whom.”


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