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Friday, April 19, 2024

LIFE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL: Redefining the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Care

As the global population pushes past 7 billion, and mosssre people reach old age, cardiovascular diseases have become the leading cause of premature death in the world. Although several factors such as unhealthy lifestyles and epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases can contribute to this surge, adopting efficient treatment measures have been proven time and again to keep them in check. On similar lines, devising customized and effective rehabilitation plans coupled with healthy diets, exercises, and periodical check-ups are also essentialto reduce recurrences and help improve the quality of patients’ life. 

However, many hospitals providing cardiopulmonary rehab faces a crunch time in blendingboth caremonitoringanddocumentation in their IT and cybersecurity systems. Dedicated to improving the lives of both patients and caregivers alike, Life Systems International (LSI) offers a unique business model to help streamline patient monitoring as well as clinical documentation in rehabilitation centers. “LSI strives to support cardiac and pulmonary rehab providers with the technology and resources they need to provide innovative, informative, and inspired care,” Korey Sixbury, president of LSI.

As the healthcare sector is continuouslyevolving in today’s fast-paced world, LSI leads the way in providing time-saving cardiopulmonary solutions that caregivers can rely on to keep their focus on the patients.“Our leading-edge technology offers effortless automation for efficient, patient-centered care in the rehab,” adds Sixbury. The company offers continuous patient monitoring solutions through its Trenscenter central station system supported by the TelemasterECG wireless transmitter that runs on a Windows-based software application. This hones the ability to automatically collect patient vital sign data and intuitively provide caregivers withevery information required to track and document the treatment progress.On the other hand, to safeguard the patient information, the company’s TC secure module allows audit trail tracking and user access control, alongside other necessary integrations to adaptto clinical IT strategies and protocols.

LSI’s solution allows bi-directional interfacing capabilities to any EHR with proprietary HL7 interface engine to track and sync program outcomes through industry-approved tools, whilealso bundling the required performance measures for AACVPR program certification. In this way, rehab centers can reap the benefits of built-in security, customizable patient display options, multiple back-up storage locations, and available data encryption. The technology empowers the hospital administrationto automate their jobs, helping them save both time and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and other guidelines.Furthermore, they also equip them with the capability to capture responses quickly and accurately, even in the challenging low-perfusion and high-motion conditions.

Implementing the LSI system is easy and painless as the company takes care of the entire project from setting up to the installation, replacing the clients’ outdated technology with the latest compatible systems wherever required. Post this, the clinical and technical staff at the hospital will be trained on the system before going live for patient care. Here the clients are free to choose their preferred OS, such as Windows 7 Professional, Windows 10 Professional, or Windows 10 Enterprise. Besides, they can update the systemas needed at any time, rather than replacing the entire architecture.

It does not matter whether the clients are looking to create orcustomized a report before, during, or after the session, LSI got that all covered for them. This means that hospital staff are endowed with the full flexibility to simultaneously edit, manage, create, and print reports from any workstation. The on-screen preview allows them to review reports before printing or interfacing with the hospital’s HER, empowering clinicians to electronically sign the files directly from their computers before sending to the hospital’s EHR.

For more than 30 years, LSI has been at the forefront of innovation in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation front, delivering a time-tested and trusted technology supported by real relationships. The company’s staff of well-versed industry experts offers an unmatched consultative care approach to assist rehab workers to deliver quality patient care while maintaining compliance with the in-house IT requirements. “We provide the experience and collaborative guidance needed to customize a technology solution specific to your patient-care process, while aligning with Clinical IT strategies throughout your organization,” continues Sixbury. Moreover, LSI’s quality management system boasts an NSAI certification in ISO 13485:216 for the design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of cardiopulmonary patient monitoring systems.

LSI has attracted many a client over the years, owing to the comfort of automated tracking, robust reporting,electronic signing, clinical flexibility, and unmatched efficiency at fingertips that it brings to the table. The company have more advanced enterprise-level monitoring and interface solutions planned down the pipeline, in an aim to improve further the jobs of physicians and IT staff in the cardiopulmonary rehab industry.

“Our leading-edge technology offers effortless automation for efficient, patient-centered care in the rehab”

Life Systems International

Korey Sixbury
President of Advanced Wound Management


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