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Friday, April 19, 2024

Vomaris - Infection Management and Wound Healing

Vomaris’ bioelectric technology is the world’s only platform to power a new antimicrobial dressing for wound and incisional care in infection control procedures. Vomaris Innovations, Inc. is a bioelectric technology company that can transform infection management and wound healing. Nature’s extraordinary capacity to create electricity when voltage potential (Vo) mixes with a conductive medium like saltwater (mar, which means “sea” in Spanish) is the inspiration for the firm name. Vomaris’ patented V.Dox Technology, which defines the bioelectric wound care industry, is based on this idea.

V.Dox Technology uses elemental silver and elemental zinc embedded microcell battery matrix. Chemical processes involving the transfer of electrons from the zinc to the silver occur when direct contact with a conductive media, known as the oxidation-reduction or REDOX reaction. An electric field is created on the dressing surface due to this. Any solution that allows electrons to flow is referred to as a conductive medium. Saline solution, hydrogels, and some serums are examples of highly conductive media. Bodily fluids such as perspiration and wound exudate are also conductive media capable of activating V.Dox Technology’s microcell batteries due to the high concentration of naturally existing salt ions in the human body. V.Dox Technology creates electricity meant to imitate the skin’s physiologic electrical energy, which may help the body’s natural healing process while reducing the risk of infection. Wound bioburden is linked to a delay in healing and an increased risk of infection. Vomaris’ antimicrobial wound dressing kills a broad spectrum of dangerous infections, including multidrug-resistant and biofilm-forming bacteria, according to independent, peer-reviewed, published, and standardized laboratory tests and data on file. This may help the body’s natural healing process while reducing the danger of infection.

Lucintel named Vomaris Innovation’s ProcelleraFlexEFit Antibacterial Wound Dressing the “2021 Product Innovation Award Winner in the Wound Care Technology Industry” based on recent research in the Regenerative Medicines market. Vomaris Innovations, Inc. for this award by Lucintel because of its groundbreaking VDOX Technology and new clinical application. V.Dox Technology, developed by Vomaris Innovation, uses implanted moisture-activated microcell batteries to wirelessly create electricity in the same physiologic range that damaged skin needs to promote healing (i.e., the ‘current of injury’). It has shown broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and the capacity to disrupt and prevent biofilm infection, lowering the risk of wound and surgical site disease while promoting the skin’s natural healing process. Furthermore, it achieves this antibacterial effect without the need for large amounts of ionic silver or other chemicals. The wound contact layer of ProcelleraFlexEFit Antibacterial Wound Dressing has V.Dox Technology and a proprietary “link and build” design. This product is unlike any other on the market today; in addition to killing bacteria without the need for antibiotics, its design allows it to fit over practically any length or curve of the surgical wound with only one product configuration. As a result, reduced infection risk and inventory requirements in the operating room result in improved clinical and financial value. The V.Dox Technology wound contact layer, a polyester-based absorbent layer, and a polyurethane semi-occlusive outer adhesive holds the dressing in place and maintain a moist wound environment in the ProcelleraFlexEFit Dressing. It is primarily used to treat surgical wounds to lessen the risk of surgical site infections, which affect about 1.5 million individuals in the United States each year.

Vomaris recently announced the enrolment of its first patient in a trial on the impact of Bioelectric wound care in Hidradenitis Suppurativa. HS is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects 1% to 4% of the world’s population. It is characterized by repeated pus-filled skin abscesses that drain and grow tunnels beneath the skin, affecting more women than males. This causes both physical and mental agony, scars, and suffering. HS poses particular therapeutic issues since it most typically develops in regions where skin rubs together, such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, and breasts. Unfortunately, there is no generally effective therapy for HS, and there is no cure. Deroofing is a surgical treatment typically used when tunnels from beneath the skin. While this procedure eliminates painful lesions while preserving surrounding tissue, it creates large open wounds. Vomaris’s bioelectric wound care could speed up the healing process and eliminate indications of inflammation post deroofing procedures. “This is an underserved patient population that deserves to be addressed. We are hopeful that results from this trial will provide the evidence needed to give HS patients around the world a valuable new treatment option”, says Mike Nagel, President and CEO of Vomaris.

Vomaris’s mission is to revolutionize infection control through the wireless delivery of microcell battery-powered electricity. 


Mike Nagel
President & CEO



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